Have an idea? I love to do commissions.

Here are a couple of examples. If you're wondering, your commission does not need to feature your pet. Any topic is welcome!

Zeus: King of the Roa  d:  Acrylic on Canvas - 30X24

Zeus: King of the Road: Acrylic on Canvas - 30X24

Zeus: King of the road

This was a wedding gift from a bride to her new husband. I asked her future husband to posed with their dog on his motorcycle. I took various photos and decided on this pose. Oddly enough, her husband never asked why we asked him to pose with Zeus on his motorcycle. He was shocked and thrilled, when he got the painting. 

Reference photo of Zeus

Reference photo of Zeus

Chillaxn' with Jaxon

This was a birthday gift from Kevin Sousa to his wife Patti. Kevin loves to surf, so I decided to add a surfboard. And the shirt, because, why not a shirt? Unfortunately, I lost the actual reference photo. I had painted this several years ago, before Jax went grey.

Patti Sousa with her boy Jax

Patti Sousa with her boy Jax

Chillaxn' with Jaxon:   Acrylic on Canvas - 10X10

Chillaxn' with Jaxon:  Acrylic on Canvas - 10X10