About the Artist

Claudia is a satirist whose work ranges from the silly to the serious.

She gets her inspiration from literature, music, words, colors, irony, and politics.

A message about her process

"Some ideas just pop into my head ready-to-go. Other ideas take ages to form and be reworked until "ready".

Once the idea is ready-to-go, I start with a digital rough sketch.  I paint the entire canvas with a base color before I transfer the sketch to the canvas. The base color is called a "colored ground", and I usually use a weird dark yellow. 

Then I use a technique called underpainting, where thin layers of paint are layered on top of each other. This gives more "umpf" to the colors, and why many people comment that my paintings look like they are done oil, rather than acrylic. Underpainting is usually monochromatic, but I use starting colors similar to what will be in the finished painting. 

I use two primary brush techniques:  1) layering & blending colors while the paint is wet and 2) using a dry brush to let patches of color of a bottom layer show through a top layer. This is known as scumbling. Occasionally, I'll use pallet knife to paint. 

In between the major layers, the paint is left to thoroughly dry.

The finished painting is sealed with a clear gloss medium/varnish." 


To purchase an original, reproduction, licensing, a commission, or just discuss a painting, email claudia@claudiabermanart.com.